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  • New WhatsApp feature will let you recall that embarrassing message you regretted sending

    The Facebook-owned messaging platform will giving users the chance to recall messages after they have been sent out. Several online publications have alluded that the feature, which has been dubbed “Recall”, should be available for devices in the coming weeks. In it’s current state, WhatsApp only lets users delete messages on the device level and …

  • Google wants to keep winning Africa with Android Go, here are 6 reasons why it can

    The Google I/O event is always an interesting one for me. I am more than just a Google/Android fanatic, I hate Apple OS with a great passion and my friend and colleague, Kwame Boakye, will testify to how much I preach Android over iOS. So yeah, the Google I/O is always a thing to look forward …

  • African technopreneurs just need to look around themselves

    We can not be born under the same star. Unlike their Western and Asian counterparts, African technopreneurs (technology entrepreneurs) must at all times cope with the lack of infrastructure, lack of means and lack of concise examples. And all these also add to the general the unstable political situations in most of our countries. But human …