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  • hey friend, this birthday letter is 6 days late — and it is about gratitude

    hello there, another letter about how gratitude and happiness are connected. my birthday gift to you and yours

  • hey friend, a letter on my birthday

    hey friend, i hope this missive finds you well and good inside, or pensive, in recovery, or getting better all the time — i just hope this finds you at all. i believe these are the state we always are in life, we are either pensive, in recovery or both. so i also hope you get something out of …

  • It’s My Birthday — on new experiences, nostalgia, growing old

    Right now, it’s 10:19pm and I am still 20 something years old. I am hanging on to these last moments of this age because I still have the opportunity to say I’ll be twenty something some more times. In about three years, well — that is certainly going to change. I am growing old. Birthday Image via Pexel Everybody is, …